Uber vs taxis in Toronto- A Dog Owner’s Perspective

This article was written by Jason.  You can find him talking about Uber in Atlanta on his website- http://www.uberpromocodeatlanta.com/ Jason spends a lot of time in Toronto as well, so he wanted to weigh in on Uber in Toronto as a dog owner. A major advantage is that most Uber drivers allow you to transport dogs […]

How to Prevent Kidney Disease in Your Dog

For most dog owners, seeing their pets sick is one of the most heartbreaking things they can witness. Can you imagine how difficult it is the moment that you learn that your pet is suffering from a kidney disease? Kidneys in dogs play exactly the same role as kidneys in human. The kidneys filter out […]

Should You Install an Electric Fence to Keep Your Dog Safe?

An electric fence is an electronic system for keeping your dog within predefined boundaries without having to resort to actual physical barriers. With the use of a transmitter, a receiver collar and either a perimeter wire or a wireless signal field, you can put up an invisible containment area for your dog, keeping your pet […]

Why Vegetarian Dog Food is Unhealthy for Your Dog

You might have heard of stories of dog owners giving vegetarian food to their pets. In fact, celebrities are also hopping on the bandwagon. Most notable of them is actress Alicia Silverstone, who recently said that placing her dogs on a vegetarian diet has yielded encouraging results. She particularly cited that adopting a veggie diet […]

How to Train Your Dog to Sit on Command 

Teaching your dog how to sit is the first command in obedience training for canines.  Here are some of the ways to train your pet how to sit on command. Establish a Training Environment Find an environment where your dog is comfortable with. It should be free from distractions, like a room indoors where you […]